Fusion 13:1 Super High Speed CNC steel gear set


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The gear set and piston are the heart of the airsoft gun’s functioning. Good gear set enables fast trigger response, reliable functioning and soft noise of the gun. Atom Custom Fusion gear set gives you all of this brilliance at once. Fusion gear set is made of steel, which makes it very durable. Additionally, the Fusion gear set is also very silent due to the very careful design and manufacturing process. The axles of the Fusion gear set are made using computer-assisted CNC technique, resulting in very precise dimensions.

We ensure the excellent quality by performing additional quality control to each product in Finland.

Versions available:

13:1 – Super high speed (max. M120)
14:1 – High speed (max. M130)
16:1 – Speed (max. M140)
18:1 – Original torque-up (max. M150)