Our Values


We want our airsoft guns to last as long as possible. This is both economical and ecological. We want to improve and reshape our guns cost-efficiently and considering the environment. Behing the durability of our parts are high-quality raw materials and diligent manufacturing.



It is especially important to an airsoft tech to have parts that work well together. Atom Custom parts are made using Tokyo Marui dimensions. The compatibility is a sum of many factors; it takes both a matching gun body and suitable environment and use to create an ensemble that works well together. Atom Custom parts can be easily combined with each other and most parts made by other manufacturers as well.

It takes not only brilliant parts but also great expertise to make an airsoft gun triumph on the field. We want to give our best also through professional customer service by helping choose the most suitable parts and use them the best way.



We only want to create diamonds. This is our first priority in design, manufacturing and quality control. Our quality is based on our ten years’ experience on airsoft teching and this is why we evaluate our products especially from the techs’ point of view. In addition to the manufacturer’s quality control we personally perform an extra quality control to each product at our office. Furthermore, we offer a 6 months factory warranty to our products.