Momentum Spring series

Our favourite sound is the pure and instant *knock knock knock* you hear after upgrading your airsoft gun into perfection. The spring plays the biggest part in the gun’s performance. It brings the motor to life.

Atom Custom Momentum springs are linear springs made of high-quality spring steel. The linear spring gives stable muzzle velocity regardless of how much the spring has been squeezed. It also restrains overspin better than a nonlinear spring as it absorbs excess kinetic energy even at the beginning of the squeezing of the spring. This is why it also restrains overspin of the gear set better than nonlinear models.

Linear springs are our favourites especially because they suit perfectly to precocking. The spring of an electric gun produces loading to the motor and thus slows down the firing speed and trigger delay. The advantages of the linear spring can be seen especially in precocked guns as the loading produced by the spring is stable. Thereby the stress caused to the motor is always as small as possible. This makes the motor and battery last longer.

Momentum AEG springs suit especially electric guns as they suit perfectly also high power motor. The linearity restrains the overspin often caused by high power motor. When upgrading an electric gun, you’ll be able to keep the loading caused by the spring as small as possible in every phase of the motor’s functioning.

The power classifications (M100, for instance) are not exact, but rather directional. The spring pre-copressing, length of the barrel, the BB’s weight and quality of surface and the tightness of the machinery all contribute to the actual power of the spring.